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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The cure for the common cold

Colds. It seems like everyone has had one this year. Except me, because I'm lazy and don't push myself hard enough (except on the tennis court) to compromise my immune system- until last weekend, when two very late nights and a lot of fun have led to a rather sore throat, which is my immune system's early warning system. Wanting to cut this cold off at the pass I decided to recreate the Victoria Road Boys patented cold destroyer: a sandwich filled with garlic and chilli. While this may sound like the gastronomical equivalent of being kicked in the balls, my very hazy memories seem to indicate it wasn't too bad.

So, if you are stupid enough to try this at home (don't try this at home unless you really like chilli!) you will need: 

2 slices of bread (or a roll)

Some chilli (fresh is better but I used the stuff in a jar,
about one heaped teaspoon)

Some garlic (1 large clove or about a heaped teaspoon
or crushed garlic from a jar)


Here is me before eating:

 Starting to eat:




Much to my pleasant surprise, my hazy memories were right for once: this was actually pretty tasty. The garlic and chilli seemed to cancel each other out somehow, leaving only the bitey taste of the garlic and a warm aftertaste from the chilli. In fact, this was so good I'll probably do this again!


  1. Mustard and custard are not to be trustard - a story, that is also true, by me.

    My brother Lachlan - think you've met him - once saw a huge tablespoonful dripping with custard. Well, he thought it was custard. It was yellow and liquidy after all. How much more custardy could you get? He immediately placed said spoon in his mouth and swallowed it down.

    It was not custard.

    You can't get any yellow and liquidy substance more unlike custard than American mustard. Which is what this huge tablespoonful of stuff that he put in his mouth actually was.

    Volcano mouth!

    Still, he swears that though he had a blocked nose on that fateful day, the big yellow liquidy mustardy tablespoonful cleared it right up. Did the job that cold medicines normally don't do. So there you go.

  2. I read somewhere that snacks like these are also great hangover treatments. The theory being that it makes you so sick that, er, it makes you forget how sick the drinks have made you.

    Though on that theory you should just get drunk all over again to make you forget how sick drinks have made you. Which of course is something alcoholics will tell you all the time ('maaaaate, you can drink yourself sober!') And of course we can always trust alcoholics.

    PS hope you like your mail!