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Monday, August 23, 2010

Benign Girl will give you infinite pleasure

Living in share houses provides all sorts of experiences. I've been very lucky to be able to live with friends and family and still be on speaking terms after we've gone our separate ways. Any of you who have lived in share houses will no doubt be familiar with the phenomenon of random things turning up in your house; sometimes even in your room- like the time myself and Professor Pop'n'Smelly wrapped a shopping trolley in black cloth and put it on my brother's bed. No, I don't know why we did this either, but my brother's reaction of complete confusion at this mysterious object was worth the effort.

With these sorts of random shenanigans in mind, I was slightly perplexed and more than a bit amused to find this on the kitchen table recently:

This is not only a classic example of Engrish, but the lengths that markets have to go to get our money; this product will not be merely fun, it will not provide paltry happy times, IT WILL GIVE YOU INFINITE PLEASURE!!! This is the sort of claim I usually associate with illicit narcotics, or sex toys, or some combination of the two...which makes me worry, because the housemate this belongs to intends to give it to my best friend's five year old daughter.

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