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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Macgyver-ing 2

I've always said that a really good story involves someone (preferably the teller of the story) doing something really stupid. Like the time I turned up to a friend's animal themed fancy dress party as a pirate because I'd lost the invitation and had forgotten the animal part. Oops. With that firmly in mind I give you "The story of the shot glass eye bath!"

This story comes from the hazy recollections of my time spent living with my brother and step-brother in a house on Victoria Road in the inner northern suburb of Northcote. Those who came to the house would recall (possibly) the many good times had in the years we lived there.

As a group of young men, our interests were drinking, partying, drinking, home brewing beer for drinking, anyone of the opposite sex, and drinking. One night when it was my turn to make dinner, I was chopping up some chilli whilst under the influence. This is not recommended; all sorts of things can go wrong- most of them didn't. I cooked dinner (chicken satay I believe)  and, slightly tired by the effort of cooking, I wiped my eyes. Which still had chilli on them. This led to large amounts of burning in my eye. Ever eaten a chilli raw? Like that, but in your eye.

Lacking an official eye bath of any kind, I remembered one of my friends telling me that water accelerates the reaction that causes chilli to give off heat; what you need is milk. So I grabbed a shot glass, filled it with milk, leaned my head over it and then pulled my head upright while keeping the shot glass pressed to my face. I blinked rapidly and the pain was gone. My brothers were impressed both with my stupidity and my solution to the problem. They were also amused by the milk that had spilt all over my face. They were on the floor laughing when I rubbed my eyes again ten minutes later.

This and the last post would have to be my most Macgyver moments- there have probably been others, but those were the best two. So now it's your turn- what was your greatest Macgyver moment? Leave a comment or drop me a line. Cheers.

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